"Solid Band" Ear Cuff - Sterling Silver

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Timeless Solid Band sterling silver ear cuff available in multiple chain styles.


Includes everything necessary to attach the HearClip to your processor:


  • BAHA HearClip comes with connector, chain, and ear cuff (pre-assembled).
  • CI HearClip comes with silicon loop that fits around your processor, chain, and ear cuff (pre-assembled).

Ear cuff is available in 1/8" and 3/16" widths.


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    8th Jul 2018 Doesnt work for me

    Posted by David Campanella on 8th Jul 2018

    I wish I had tried the narrower ear clip. This one is more noticeable than I would have thought. The chain is also heavier than i anticipated and keeps bouncing against my head. A thin wire or clear line would make more sense. Overall it’s just not comfortable. I’ll keep looking. HEARCLIP RESPONSE: We were later contacted by this customer and advised him that a 'tiger wire' option was available. One was sent to him at no charge.