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Important Information

  • You will need a needle nose pliers to attach the connector to a BAHA.

  • Always perform a "drop test" every time you attach your HearClip™. The drop test insures that the HearClip™ has been adjusted for your ear correctly.

  • When adjusted properly, both the ear cuff HearClip™ and pierced earring HearClip™ are capable of handling the weight of your processor/hearing aid if it becomes deattached from the abutment/ear.

  • For added security when wearing a pierced earring HearClip™, use the provided clear ear guard in addition to the tension earring back.

  • The HearClip™ does not guarantee against any damage to your processor/hearing aid. It is up to the wearer to make sure that the type of HearClip™ purchased is adjusted and worn properly.

  • Do not brush or comb your hair while wearing a HearClip™ to avoid any chance of the HearClip™ becoming entagled.

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