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How to Wear Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs

Constantly adjusting the ear cuff will cause it to break due to metal fatigue

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Starting at the top
of the ear, hook
the Ear Cuff from
front to back over
the top ridge.

Slide Ear Cuff
down the ear
rolling inwards
at the middle
of the ear

Roll inwards and
slide down until
Ear Cuff rests on
the lower cartilage.

The ear cuff should be adjusted to fit snugly but not pinch your ear.

The ear cuff, when properly adjusted should not easily slide up or down on your ear. If it does, remove the ear cuff, adjust for a smaller gap, and then try again. It is important to become familiar with a snug, firm fit (but not pinched) so that the ear cuff will not pull off from the weight of the hearing aid. Once the ear cuff is adjusted properly DO NOT bend/rebend it, the ear cuff should slide on and off comfortably without need for adjustment.

Note:  Never pull the Ear Cuff apart widely, this will create stress fractures and, sooner or later, will break in half. If you need to reshape the ear cuff back to a round shape, a ball point pen or Sharpie marker are useful tools to size or reshape your ear cuff. Simply slide the ear cuff over the body of the pen and making small adjustments, gently press it back into shape.

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