About the HearClip

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 The HearClip™


HearClips™ are available for ALL BAHA, CI, and Hearing Aid types

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Functional Jewelry for Men, Women & Teens

Enjoy the activities you love without the worry of damage or loss ...

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Customer Comments:

P. Schweizer: "Just got a new HearClip! Love it! So adorable, comfy & secure for my Baha hearing device. (Side note 14k post, solidly made and top notch customer service) will be buying more from them!!!"

C. Wilson: "I am extremely satisfied with the Black Ear Cuff with chain. Great, attractive product design, engineering and quality. It does what I want it to do: keep my Baha Attract from being damaged by hitting the floor when I accidently knock it off my head. Impressive product packaging in a nice case. Great customer support; both keeping you informed on the shipping status and the prompt email help."

T. Sullivan: "Yesterday, while at the mall getting a new phone, I had a couple of ladies approach me asking where I had gotten my ear jewelry and how was it attached to my head ... LoL. They wanted one!!! They were a little embarrased when I told them it was my hearing aid (baha). I wasn't and told them not to be. I showed them, they LOVED it!! I have had so many compliments about your HearClip. I had people coming up to me at Disney World. It saved my device when it would hit getting on rides. It was money well spent!! I wanted you to know and everyone else who maybe has thought of ordering."

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Your hearing aid/processor is a major investment in both time and money. Give it some added protection with a HearClip that allows you to display your own personal style as well. When the HearClip (patent pending) is adjusted and worn properly it works as a retention device that is much more attractive than the standard safety line.  We have HearClips for all different types of bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHAs) processors, cochlear implant (CI) processors/headpieces, and behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids.

We offer the HearClip in many different Unisex styles on the website for both pierced and non-pierced options. These are available in gold-filled, sterling silver, and stainless steel options. After the connector/jacket/loop is attached, the different styles of HearClip are easily interchangeable.

All HearClips are hand-made. The majority of our pierced earrings and ear cuffs are sterling silver or gold-filled and include a chain assembly that YOU can easily connect directly to your hearing aid/processor. If you have alloy "sensitive" skin, please contact us and we can look into either titanium or niobium as an option.

If there is a design, material or gem stone you have in mind that is not available on our website, we will be happy to assist you in making a custom designed HearClip. We work with an independent bench jeweler who has 14 years experience making and selling fine custom jewelry. Options such as 14K gold, platinum, semi-precious gems or gemstones are available. We buy some vintage jewelry to make the HearClip dangles, if I cannot guarantee that an item is sterling silver, gold, or gold-filled it will always be classified as either silver or gold tone.


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